Project Menu

Interested in organizing a service event for your club, congregation, or company? We’ve prepared a menu featuring some of our most popular packaging projects to give you some ideas. Keep in mind that special discounts may be applicable if your group qualifies.

Please note that custom packages are available – we’ll facilitate a project of almost any size!
Project time estimates in this menu are provided as guidelines. For example: half the number of volunteers can achieve the same goal in double the time.
Currently, Illini Fighting hunger is equipped to facilitate projects with up to 330 volunteers.

Special discounts may be applicable if:

  • You can arrange for (a) vehicle(s) to be used to take event supplies between our facility on the University of Illinois campus and the site of your event
  • Your group is a nonprofit, school, student organization, or religious organization

Additional expenses may be necessary if:

  • You cannot deliver the final product to the receiving food bank or food pantry, or if the receiving organization cannot pick up the product
  • You wish to ship your finished product internationally (acceptable in rare cases only)




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