Help us crowd-fund a much needed rice storage system

2013-07-09 14.39.03Our community is incredible at responding to the Wesley Evening Food Pantry’s need for at least one ton (2,000 lbs) of long-grain white rice every month. However, without proper storage containers, we can’t properly handle this influx of generosity. Poly box trucks like these hold up to 600 lbs of volunteer-packaged rice at a time in an efficient and (importantly) mobile unit that is easy for our volunteers to move in and out of storage. We’ve tried other methods – containers without wheels are too heavy, and smaller containers don’t stack well and collapse under the weight of the rice.

We were able to afford two 12-bushel box trucks with our existing equipment budget and we piloted this innovative storage method at the June, 2013 food pantry distribution. A great success! Our volunteers could move them easily, no heavy lifting (no sore backs!), and no collapsed boxes!

We need two additional 12-bushel box trucks and two 8-bushel box trucks to meet the current needs of our partnership with the Wesley Evening Food Pantry. With lids (necessary for safe storage of food product). Throw in a little extra for shipping charges, and we need $1,500.00 to fully implement this rice storage system. So, we’ve turned to crowd-funding on the new website Start Up Scholar. Click here to view our project page and be sure to encourage others to contribute! If everyone gives a small amount, we can do big things!

Contribute $20.00 or more and we’ll send you an Illini Fighting Hunger wristband!
Contribute $350.00 or more and we’ll honor you (or an honoree of your choice) with a placard on a storage cart!

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