What will our event cost, how many volunteers can participate, and how many meals will we package?

Good question!

Designing a meal packaging event can be tricky. Volunteer teams of 10-12 people can package 1,500-2,000 meals in one hour. Illini Fighting Hunger can help you organize an event with as little as 1 or as many as 45 teams working simultaneously.

A simple formula of volunteers × hours × 2000 ÷ 12 can help you estimate how many meals your event can produce, although the actual rate depends on the skill, focus and determination of your volunteers. The cost per meal depends on market prices, total volume of food product being purchased for your event, and the location to which you’ll send the finished product.

We’ll provide some examples of meal packaging event costs here shortly. In the meantime, contact us to speak with an Illini Fighting Hunger representative for more information.